Thursday, 11 November 2010

Vogue December 2010 Issue

It is 5.20pm and already pitch black outside, and all this the week the weather has been truly dire, I even made the foolish error of wearing ballet pumps the other day - I know it is my own fault, as they were from Primark, but really I think my feet would have had more protection if I'd wrapped my feet in towels. Utterly useless.

Anyway, one thing has managed to cheer me up this week, besides the hilarious, so bad it is almost good, 'The only way is Essex' the new issue of Vogue! Dare I say it has brightened up my day like the moon lights up the starry night....I realise this is a terrible, terrible metaphor, but I felt I should emphasise the 'Star' theme of this month's issue.

Besides all of the normal beautiful designer clothes etc they have in each issue, which usually only serves to depress me when I think 'ooh that is nice...I wonder how much....damn it is more than my student loan..for a year', they also have a special decade of supermodels photoshoot, basically showing all the big names, aka Moss and Schiffer, etc.

Interestingly they also decided to put Emma Watson on the front cover, and did a massive spread on her. Although I suppose HP is coming out this month, so perhaps not a huge coincidence. Is she really a super star, is she worthy of front cover status? This seems to be an issue which is causing great debate on the chat forums.

I suppose she is a bit of a super star, and whilst I feel sorry for her, having to have been in the media spotlight for the last 10 years, comments such as 'I was visiting Cambridge and I was on the bus and all these people were trying to get my autograph, and I suddenly thought, why am I even on the bus? I'm famous!', don't necessarily make me warm to her immediately. I have had to paraphrase that quote, as one of my house mates has pounced on my Vogue, and I haven't had a chance to get it back off them.

There is also a nice horoscope themed photo shoot, but I almost miss the grand Tim Walker photo shoots, they usually seem to have in the xmas issue. But apart from that, top form as always Vogue.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Heroes and Heroines Exhibition

Yesterday I went to Leeds City Museum and visited their 'Heroes and Heroines' Exhibition, which displayed several costumes from famous films, such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean', and 'The Duchess'. I can only imagine how tiny Keira Knightly must be in real life, judging from the size of her costume from 'The Duchess', she must be a size 4 or something ridiculous like that. There was a a slight pwahor! moment when I saw one of Orlando Bloom's costumes from 'The Pirates of the Caribbean', and also with one of Colin Firth's costumes from 'Pride and Prejudice', although sadly they did not have THAT white shirt from the lake scene, which would have been a source of great happiness if they had.

Other costumes from films and television series, included some from 'Evita', 'Miss Potter', 'Cranford' and 'Finding Neverland'.

I won't lie, it isn't exactly the biggest exhibition, so might not really be worth a visit if you live hours away, but definitely worth popping in to see if you live in or near Leeds, or are interested in fashion and films and is very cheap, only £1.50 for a student ticket and adult tickets about £2.50.

Friday, 5 November 2010

H&M and Lanvin...A new kind of fireworks....

My excitement for bonfire night may now be overshadowed by the fact that I had my first glimpse of the Lanvin collection for H&M. In fact the colours and the whole collection in general seems reminiscent of fireworks - so bright...exciting....and captivating. In other words I want it all now! I also coincedently now want/need a bigger student loan as well to make this dream possible...

Whilst in general the collection is exquisite, some pieces in my opinion do have a bit more of a POW factor....

Seriously that skirt looks much more expensive than £35! I think that can be easily justified - thats only about 2 good nights out, in my student mindsight, easily sacrificed I think on this occasion...

I have to say that I am very sad that the collection isn't coming to I guess I will just have to shop online for it or try and persaude my Dad to buy it for me when he is up in London for work...although not sure if he has recovered yet from when I forced him to go to H&M for the Jimmy Choo collaboration....