Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Heroes and Heroines Exhibition

Yesterday I went to Leeds City Museum and visited their 'Heroes and Heroines' Exhibition, which displayed several costumes from famous films, such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean', and 'The Duchess'. I can only imagine how tiny Keira Knightly must be in real life, judging from the size of her costume from 'The Duchess', she must be a size 4 or something ridiculous like that. There was a a slight pwahor! moment when I saw one of Orlando Bloom's costumes from 'The Pirates of the Caribbean', and also with one of Colin Firth's costumes from 'Pride and Prejudice', although sadly they did not have THAT white shirt from the lake scene, which would have been a source of great happiness if they had.

Other costumes from films and television series, included some from 'Evita', 'Miss Potter', 'Cranford' and 'Finding Neverland'.

I won't lie, it isn't exactly the biggest exhibition, so might not really be worth a visit if you live hours away, but definitely worth popping in to see if you live in or near Leeds, or are interested in fashion and films and is very cheap, only £1.50 for a student ticket and adult tickets about £2.50.

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